Pizza Classics in Kyle

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Make room in your 2019 social calendar for spending time with friends at Pizza Classics in Kyle. Just steps from your door, this dining extravaganza is just one of the unique features in your new luxury apartment neighborhood. In their own words “As a kid growing up here in Kyle, I have sure seen our little town grow. When I moved to Kyle in the 90′s, the population was less than 3000! I started at Pizza Classics as a driver right out of high school in 2004, and have seen the business through multiple owners. Now, as an independent pizza shop, owning and operating my own restaurant means long hours and hard work. At Pizza Classics, we do things the old-school, hard way because I think it makes a better product for our customers. Dough is made fresh daily and veggies are always hand cut. We shred our 100% whole milk mozzarella in house as well as make our sauce from scratch with extra virgin olive oil. Lastly, we bake on stone in an old-school hearth oven. Doing it the right way takes some extra time, but we let our product do the talking! Thanks for your business. I truly appreciate it! – Billy Bonham, Owner”

Feast at Pizza Classics in Kyle, one of the unique restaurants in your new neighborhood when you discover a new life at Ariza Plum Creek luxury apartment homes in Kyle Texas today!