Casa Maria in Kyle Texas

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Although it may seem obvious that Texas is the birthplace of Tex-Mex, few do it better than the kitchen
at Casa Maria. With the slogan Mi Casa Es Su Casa or my house is your house, you and your friends are
in for a warm welcome as well as the hottest Tex-Mex in town. In their own words “Since 1997 Casa
Maria has been offering the best Mexican food in town. Using the original recipes directly where they
originated. With dishes primarily from northern Mexico but have included some recipes from the south.
In Casa Maria we want you to feel like in your home (tu Casa) relaxing & casual atmosphere with a warm
& friendly service. Our philosophy is that you enjoy real Mexican food, that you are entitled to, and that
what you receive. Enjoy our generous portions, as well as our freshly baked bread, tortillas & salsa.
Every plate is made to order for your pleasure.”

Be ready to declare a new top restaurant in the Tex-Mex universe after you visit Casa Maria in Kyle
Texas, just steps from your door at the Ariza Plum Creek luxury apartment homes in Kyle Texas.